Eat Healthy While Dining Out!

  • Discover how to be successful when eating out.
  • Explore how to order at a restaurant and learn what you should avoid.
  • Learn how to avoid overeating at a restaurant.

In This Guide, You Will Learn…

How To Search The Menu For Healthy Items

Menus can often be overwhelming with all of the options and possibilities. Learn from Dr. Mark Hyman what to look for in the food descriptions and how to make healthier preparation choices.

How To Order At A Restaurant

The deep fried onion rings or triple chocolate cake may be obvious items to avoid when eating out, but what about the ancillary ingredients of meals we “think” are healthy? Most restaurants allow for substitutions and can cater to common allergens. Don’t be afraid to pipe up and ask questions!

Why Eating At Home Is Always Best

We have the power of control when eating at home vs. eating out at a restaurant. With the ability to hand pick each ingredient, monitor portion size, and enjoy quality food, our bodies – and wallets – will thank us greatly!

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