Are you feeling tired and wired, or totally frazzled?

Are you concerned that your hormones are out of whack and running your life?

The truth is, you may be experiencing hormonal imbalances but not necessarily from the hormones that you think. 

When most people think about “hormone health”, they are usually only thinking about sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone. And it’s no wonder, those hormones usually get a lot of lip service.

But the truth is, other hormones like insulin, thyroid hormones, stress hormones like cortisol, and sleep hormones like melatonin could be to blame for throwing the rest of your hormones off-kilter– especially your sex hormones!

The knee-jerk reaction from most practitioners you might have worked with in the past is to offer HRT for the hormone you are low in or have issues with.

They most likely do not have the advanced functional medicine training to recognize that you may have several hormonal imbalances altogether…

We look at a variety of factors that can be causing imbalances, that are usually part of your lifestyle and how your unique biology reacts to those factors.

What we typically see with patients is that once we are able to help them rebalance hormones such as cortisol, insulin, and thyroid, a lot of the other imbalances with sex hormones self-regulate and correct on their own.

People and practitioners alike underestimate the impact of lifestyle factors in your everyday life on hormone health. We see it time and time again– that poor sleep hygiene – for example getting only light sleep, minimal or absent REM sleep and no or minimal deep sleep, blue light pollution from your computers, smart phones, having a heavy toxic burden from the foods, make-up, skincare products, cleaners and more can all send your hormones into a tailspin.

Plus, there are other “non-physical” factors that directly impact your biology – so we help patients identify those as well, like toxic relationships, negativity from social media and TV news, habitual negative thought patterns, and more.

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