About Vitality Family Health's Direct Primary Care Practice

Vitality Family Health is an integrative Direct Primary Care (DPC), membership-based practice. We do not accept any private insurances, Medicare or Medicaid. A DPC model allows us as a providers’ office to offer you the time and care you deserve in order to optimize your health without the restraints of third-party billing.

Everything we do is centered around you, the patient – because you hold the keys to so many aspects shaping your health. Without your active participation in your health journey, none of our wisdom will create long term results.

An Integrative Approach

Rooted in our focus on participatory patient care, it is our mission to empower you with the knowledge and collective wisdom to create health yourself, no matter where you are right now.

Guided by our care team, you will embark on an integrative approach to your wellness, drawing on the best of both Eastern and Western medicine – including smart lifestyle modifications that will significantly improve your health and symptoms.

Innovative Treatments

Did you know that it takes on average 17 years for clinical breakthroughs to make their way into the standard of care? At Vitality Family Health, our entire team is deeply committed to shortening that lag.

All our staff are life-long learners, continuously upgrading their wisdom through sharing best practices and seeking out innovative, out-of-the-box ideas to help our patients achieve their health goals.


Root Cause Resolution

Unlike traditional doctors, our care team always focuses on root cause resolution – isolating the key imbalance that is responsible for virtually all symptoms you’re experiencing right now.

Also known as functional medicine, we seek to give you solutions, not more band-aids to cover up the symptoms (or treating side effects of drugs with even more drugs).

Your Next Steps

If you are ready to reclaim optimal health and achieve total health independence, click the button below to learn about our membership programs and about attending a FREE Practice Orientation in our office (spots in this model are limited)!