Are you feeling overwhelmed by “life” lately?

Do you feel like your day-to-day is such a grind and you can never seem to beat your to-do list? Or do you need several cups of coffee to get moving most mornings and face your day?

Don’t think for a moment that it’s “all in your mind”! Chances are you are struggling with hormonal imbalances and getting yourself sorted out is well within your own power, and I’ll tell you how…

The conventional approach to health is “eat right and exercise”. Sadly, this general, well-meaning advice falls short when it comes to dealing with the delicate balance of your hormonal system and creating sustainable changes.

It also doesn’t acknowledge that we live in a world that is more polluted than ever with various types of toxins.

Not only do they find their way into our bodies through water, food, make-up, and industrialized products that fill our homes and offices, but they are major hormone disruptors that can literally throw your body out of whack!

Through industrialized farming, our foods are now filled with a variety of pesticides that harm your hormones because they decimate our helpful gut bugs that are responsible for producing serotonin (important for brain health and banishing brain fog) as well as gut flora that prevent over-storage of sex hormones like estrogen–

Many of our products also contain plasticizers to make them soft and malleable… yet these plasticizers function as xenoestrogens that mimic your body’s estrogen – thus “plugging into” receptors and simulating a high dose of estrogen, which can be problematic for so many reasons from PMS, to moods swings and unexplained weight gain.

Finally, unhealthy levels of heavy metals contaminate our water sources, not to mention additives and artificial preservatives in our food.

Next Steps

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