Everyone thinks their stress is at an all-time high because of work-family obligations and outside factors, when in fact, it’s oftentimes their gut imbalances that ramp up the stomach issues, inflammation, anxieties that so many people are struggling with. So let’s start by talking about chronic stress.

A lot of times when people think about stress, they tell me, I’m not stressed. The reality is, people think of stress a lot of times as catastrophe like I’m bleeding to death, or somebody died, or there’s an accident or something like that and those are certainly stressful.

What they don’t understand is that everyday living is really stressful, and most of us are living in a chronic stressed-out state. And so a lot of people think of the regular chronic stress that everybody is living. It comes from relationships, work, life, and a lot of external factors.

The conventional approach then to treating this type of stress is typically just telling you to relax, maybe meditate, or take an antidepressant, like you’re deficient in some sort of antidepressant. So you just need more. That’s the conventional system.

But what about your chronic stress? What if it was due to some underlying biological conditions like poor gut health? What if that was really going on?

Have you ever considered discussing if your gut health could be causing your chronic stress with your primary care doctor? Or is this the first time that you’re ever hearing about something like this?

Most Western-trained physicians received little training about the cause of chronic stress. We’re talking about things like blood sugar imbalances, hidden infections, deficiencies in certain things, and gut issues.

All of these things can actually disrupt your body’s biological balance and it will actually affect your microbiome. That’s your population of good bacteria and bad bacteria that needs to be in balance in your GI tract.

If they are out of balance, so many other things in your system are going to go awry and not work well and one of the biggest things is your brain.

Your brain and your gut are very tied together. So stress, anxiety, fatigue, definitely linked to gut health. So it’s a valid question to think about– could my gut health really be driving a lot of my symptoms?

You can get this chronic stress into a much more healthy state and then guess what, your body heals better when you’re not so chronically stressed.

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