So many patients are struggling with brain fog, bloating, anxiety, adult acne, and fatigue. When they don’t understand what’s at the root of this, they blame stress.

But there could be something else– it could be a leaky gut.

So we’re going to discuss the leaky gut situation, what it is, and I want to provide some tips for you on how you can start to reverse it.

What is Leaky Gut? We’ve all heard this term, but it can be confusing. I like to think about it in terms of your GI tract. It’s this tube of smooth muscle. It’s basically got all these holes all the way through all along so that it can break foods and nutrients and then absorb the things that we need, so that your cells can all function really well. In a leaky gut, those holes kind of get bigger and then there’s more of them.

So it’s an even bigger sieve, if you will, and things are getting in that you’re taking in through your GI tract. That sounds like it could be a good thing. But there’s a lot of things that we eat and ingest that we don’t want to get into our bloodstreams. So with a leaky gut, a lot of those things then get into the bloodstream.

Now they rile up your immune system as these foreign bodies are invaders. Your immune system doesn’t like that stuff and starts firing all the alarms off and telling your body to attack an immune system to get rid of this foreign invader.

What kind of symptoms can it cause? In general, your GI symptoms could be gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, and unpredictable food reactions.

But it could also be milder symptoms or vague on seemingly disconnected symptoms, like you’re having trouble concentrating, or depression, or anxiety or pain, or even hormone imbalances in the making.

Some of the main causes of leaky gut are not really known:

  1. Too many medicines in our conventional medical system. We’re a pill-pushing culture like it’s “a pill for an ill” situation so taking too many medicines can definitely cause this problem.
  2. Pesticides! You’ve heard about eating organic and may not understand exactly why that’s so important.
  3. Decreased sleep can actually cause this too.
  4. Stress can definitely drive this as well

When patients come to me with a range of symptoms on Leaky Gut. It’s one of the conditions that are always on our radar to really help figure out what’s the root cause of their frustrating situation and what’s making them feel so awful.

Here are the three things that you can do to start reversing leaky gut if you feel like that’s going on with you:

  1. Start eating real food, more real food.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Get better quality sleep.

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