Are you struggling with blue moods and feeling stressed out? Are you feeling more anxious about things that never used to bother you before? What about your sleep? Are you getting a good night’s sleep and just having that sense of calm that you used to? It may not just be a sign of the times that are going on, and it could be brain imbalances that have escalated because of poor gut health. Yes, your gut and your brain are very tight together.

When most people see their conventional medical doctor for anxiety, this is what happens. You go in for your 7 to 10-minute visit if you’re lucky it might be a little bit longer. You tell them about your symptoms, and you get a prescription. 

Then you get minimal follow-up– maybe once a year — to take medicine the rest of your life. That’s it. That’s the conventional treatment for anxiety. The thing is, in the long term, the medications mask your symptoms. They’re not fixing the root cause of why you’re having these problems. 

For example, medications called SSRI– selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. So as not to get too sciency on you, but serotonin is a neurotransmitter in this medicine. All it’s doing is just making sure that it stays around longer. 

That’s it. If that’s your problem, it’s going to help. But what if you’re just not making enough serotonin, or what if you’re making too much serotonin? Then the medicines are not going to help you, it’s going to be useless. 

Ultimately, the medications can be dangerous to your gut health. It can cause changes in the microbiome, which is the population of good bacteria. It can cause the good guys to go down and the bad guys to grow. 

That can cause more anxiety and more brain problems. It can also cause a leaky gut and a leaky brain.

So you see, the conventional approach to treating anxiety is not doing any favors to your gut or your brain. It also overlooked some environmental factors that can cause problems as well. 

It can harm the brain and the gut balance. Did you know that there are chemicals and hormones like estrogen in the products that you might be using every day, like lotions? 

It can drive increased body fat. So for those of you that are struggling with trying to lose weight and lose body fat, that can be part of the problem. Hormones are a big part of this.

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