Are you turned off by the idea of pill-popping? Have you tried a variety of medications in the past and haven’t seen a lot of improvement? Are you wary of side effects and searching for a more natural approach?

Let me tell you about the best way to approach the chronic symptoms you won’t find in a medicine cabinet!

The conventional approach to dealing with chronic symptoms is to try and treat or mask the symptom but not address the root cause. While conventional medicine is great at acute care, it is terrible at resolving long-term, chronic illnesses that can have a myriad of causes that can make them challenging to treat.

The other piece to consider is our healthcare system, specifically the insurance companies. They limit what most doctors can and can not do. Most of the care they cover masks symptoms, while preventive and chronic illness resolution services are NOT valued or covered!

However, through the medical advances of a Functional Medicine approach, many MDs like myself have pursued additional training to understand and help you literally “decode” the root causes of chronic illnesses that impact people who are plagued by life-draining symptoms every day.

We also bypass insurance companies to give you the proper care you need and not just what they allow. So if you are one of those people where medications just haven’t worked — don’t get discouraged.

While in some cases medications are necessary, what we have discovered is that we can help win the “chronic illness” race – by understanding which systems in your body are off and then help you recalibrate them in natural ways.

Once patients work with us, they can connect the dots between symptoms and particular habits – and understand how that makes them feel. In a short period, they can learn to make better and better decisions every day and feel better (and avoid or wean off medications)!!

That’s why in my practice, we take a blended approach to give you the best of what primary care has to offer and then pair this with a functional medicine approach to help you understand how your lifestyle practices impact your current and long-term health.

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