Are you struggling to lose some extra weight that’s been hanging around like excess baggage? What about feeling gassy, bloated, irritated with unexplained abdominal discomfort? The truth is these two scenarios may be connected.

Weight loss challenges are an epidemic right now in the US. There’s greater than 70% of our population right now is overweight or obese. Over 70% of our people mean that conventional weight-loss strategies are just not cutting it.

So over the past 50 years, weight-loss strategies have included exercise plans, extreme dieting strategies, controversial weight loss pills, fad supplements, and even smoking cigarettes.

Even though some of these strategies worked in the short term, few to none have worked in a long time, hence the epidemic. Few are aware that part of the issue might be in the digestive tract. Did you know that the digestive tract is not only a mere conduit for our meals to pass through?

So that’s right, the gut also acts as a gateway to our entire metabolism. So the gut works in conjunction with fat-burning nutrients and weight-balancing hormones to keep us at an optimal weight and metabolism.

When the gut becomes inflamed for any reason, this balance is lost. It can lead to issues like water retention, body fat, different toxins and hormone imbalances, and so many hormone imbalances, which can lead to weight gain and feeling sicker.

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