Are you feeling so fatigued that even eight hours of sleep aren’t cutting through the haze? Have you increased cardio and decreased calories, and you’re still not losing weight? Do you feel like small things just set you off, and you feel grouchy daily? I know how you feel. I see this happening to so many people. 

Despite what you’ve been told, it’s not just a normal part of just getting older or being a woman or man with hormonal fluctuations. It’s a sign that the intricate systems of your body are overloaded and out of balance. All the systems in your body are connected, and that means they are constantly influencing one another. So if you’re having a wide variety of symptoms, most likely many areas of your body need to be recalibrated. It includes your gut microbiome, your hormones, your brain, and other organs like your liver. When one of these things is off, it means that most likely the others are too. 

Unfortunately, many people – even some doctors – are used to seeing an organ and connected system like hormones as a separate thing. It is why the approach often uses medication to cover up the source of the symptoms instead of identifying and treating the root cause of your issues.

The danger of this approach is that it ignores why the imbalances happened in the first place, leaving all the other imbalances to continue wreaking havoc even if medications help temporarily. It is why many men and women who have brain fog also struggle with stubborn weight and other seemingly unrelated symptoms, when in fact, they are related. 

Addressing each holistically rather than masking symptoms by taking multiple drugs. It takes to get your energy back, feel rested, and lose weight with less effort to start with a wean off and clean out process. 

Our wellness programs set you up for success by designing an individualized detox program overseen by a physician. It teaches new health and wellness skills while you’re actively on the road to better health—this first step of weaning yourself away from unhealthy habits. Detoxing is key to long-term success as you age. Not only do we assist you in completing this protocol safely and healthily. But we take the time to fill in the blanks on what you can expect from your health journey now and in the future. 

So many people report less irritability, a clearer head, and experience more weight loss just with that process alone because it can help your gut repair your liver to function optimally and allows for better nutrient absorption and hormone balance.

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