Dermabond for Minor Injuries


Suture and Staple Removal in Oak Brook, IL

Accidents happen all the time, instead of running to an urgent care center for help with minor cuts and scrapes or staple removal, come see us!

We understand that sometimes a 30+ minute visit with one of our providers isn’t necessary and we are here to help you at a moment’s notice. If you or your child has a minor cut that needs help to heal properly or you need a staple and/or suture removal, our primary care center in Oak Brook is here for you.

  • Dermabond for Minor Injuries – Dermabond is a strong adhesive that forms a bond between wound edges to promote natural and safe healing. We provide this service for minor injuries, including small cuts on the face, torso, or extremities.
  • Suture & Staple Removal – If you have received staples or sutures as a result of an injury, our office can help remove both of these treatments safely and effectively. 


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