When most of us think of a “woman exam”, we imagine a conventional physical exam complete with an uncomfortable PAP smear.  At Vitality Family Health, our well woman exams are different. Our exams are geared towards creating relationships with our patients, learning about their current health issues, and designing a plan with them to reach their wellness goals. 

Oak Brook Well Woman Exams

As a functional primary care provider in Oak Brook, IL, we recommend that our female patients schedule an annual well-woman exam after they reach the age of 21, with the first well visit occurring when a patient is around the age of 15 or 16 or when they become sexually active. 

Our confidential well woman exam will help us proactively screen against any gynecological or breast diseases that may be present, as well as provide us with a comprehensive understanding of you as a whole person (mind, body, and spirit). 

Using an integrative medicine model, we use both conventional and alternative therapies to create a “plan of action” to help you towards total health independence. Your well woman exam will take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes so that your functional primary care provider has adequate time to cover the following:

woman in ripped jeans and sweater sitting - Oak Brook well woman exam

  • Family’s Medical History
  • Your Medical History
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Current Prescriptions
  • Recreational Drug Use
  • Alcohol Consumption and Tobacco Use
  • Sexual Practices
  • Menstrual Cycles
  • Sleep Habits
  • Work and School Environment
  • Home Environment
  • Any Additional Stress Factors
  • Your Health Goals
  • Height and Weight Check
  • A Physical Examination of all Major Organ Systems
  • A Breast Exam
  • A PAP Smear*

*Once you have received your initial PAP smear at our Oak Brook functional care center, we recommend that you get a PAP smear once every three years assuming everything is normal.

After your exam is over, your provider may recommend additional testing and labs. For example, if you have trouble falling asleep or waking up, you constantly crave salty and sugary foods or have unexplained weight loss (symptoms of adrenal fatigue) your provider may order HPA Axis/Adrenal Testing. Or if you suffer from chronic bloating, gas, and constipation, a Celiac and Gluten Testing lab and/or stool testing may be ordered. 

Uncovering the root of the problem will help us to understand why you are experiencing these symptoms and will provide us with a blueprint on how to tackle these problems at their source.

In addition to offering supplementary testing, at the core of our practice, we want to empower you to make healthy lifestyle shifts that are in alignment with your wellness goals. 

As part of our direct primary care membership model, we provide a full range of holistic services to help each of our patients–services that aren’t typically covered by traditional insurance. From classes on a variety of health and lifestyle topics, up-to-date nutrition information, pharmaceutical-grade supplements*, and at least four visits a year covered by your membership, we want to be right there with you on your journey to total health and wellness. 

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our direct primary care membership model or would like more information about our Oak Brook primary care practice and services.

*Additional costs may apply