Just like most physicals, a school or work physical is comprised of two parts: your medical history and a physical examination. Whether your children need an exam for school or to participate in sports, or if you need a pre-employment or return-to-work physical, our staff is well equipped to provide you with a comprehensive physical check-up with a foundation in functional medicine. 

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As a functional medicine center in Oak Brook, IL, our school and work physicals go beyond just your “basic” physical evaluation. Often, a physical, no matter if it’s an annual check-up or for school or work is required as a preventive measure against injury and disease.

However, Vitality Family Health’s approach is proactive and patient-centered. What this means is that you, the patient, will be considered as a whole and not compartmentalized as just an injury, condition, or a diagnosis. Furthermore, rather than just giving you medical treatment or drugs to treat your symptoms, we take the time to look into the root cause of any health issues you may be experiencing.

When you schedule an appointment with us, you can expect your visit to last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. This time frame gives us a chance to understand your medical history and learn more about any lifestyle or environmental factors that could impact your health. During your physical, we will want to understand more about:

  • Your family’s medical history 
  • Your personal medical history (allergies, injuries, previous hospitalizations and surgeries, illnesses, etc.)
  • Any health concerns you currently have
  • Your diet and lifestyle (sleeping habits, bowel movements, school and work environment, stress factors, etc.)

The physical examination portion will include*:

  • Height and weight check
  • Ears, nose and throat check
  • Joint and flexibility evaluation
  • Blood pressure and heart rate reading
  • Respiratory, cardiac, and abdominal check 

*Some schools and jobs may require specific testing or labs to be administered during your physical. Please let your Oak Brook, IL, primary care provider know if you need additional testing before the exam so that we can schedule accordingly.

Once your physical is over, your provider will fill out and sign a form, letting your school or employer know that the physical has been completed. Depending on the results from your physical, we may recommend a follow-up exam, which may include additional testing and labs. 

At annual and well visit appointments, we provide personalized diet and lifestyle counseling for all of our patients, which will give you the knowledge and tools to become an active participant in reaching your health goals.

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As a functional medicine center in Oak Brook, IL, we’ve seen firsthand the benefits that a more proactive and holistic approach has in optimizing the health of our patients and helping them achieve their wellness goals. If you are ready for a better primary care experience, one that is centered around you and your health goals, we invite you to fill out this membership registration form. If you’d like to learn more about our direct primary care membership model or would like more information about our practice and primary care services, contact us today.