In today’s ever-changing world, we are constantly bombarded with decisions that could impact our children’s health. From whether or not we should have them return to school in the fall, making their dentist appointments, teaching them how to properly wash their hands…the list goes on. Additionally, new parents and parents of younger children are tasked with deciding what type of vaccine schedule their child will follow. 

At Vitality Family Health, we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing vaccines for your child. Our primary goal is to support you in the decision-making process, without making you feel pressure to choose one way to vaccinate your child over another. We want to help to provide you with the answers to the hard questions and give you the tools you need to make the best decisions for your family. Whether you plan on following a conventional vaccination plan, opt for an alternative vaccine schedule, or go without, we are here for you. 

Continue reading to learn more about what a vaccine friendly alternative vaccine schedule means and how our family physicians in Oak Brook support you and your family’s vaccination plan.

What Does Vaccine Friendly Mean?

Lately, you may have noticed the term “vaccine friendly” going around your mom group, social media, medical practices, etc. Vaccine friendly schedules are simply another way that some parents are choosing to vaccinate their children. A vaccine friendly schedule essentially spaces out vaccinations that have typically been given all at once or earlier in the child’s life. Vaccine friendly schedules are typically designed with vaccinating children so they are safe from the most dangerous diseases while minimizing overexposure to possible toxins. In terms of a vaccine friendly medical provider, vaccine friendly simply means that your provider is there to help you make an informed decision, not to push you towards a choice or to disagree with your final decision. 

While there are many examples of vaccine schedules you can follow, every family is different, and so your child’s personal alternative vaccination schedule may vary from the following sample vaccine friendly schedule:


Vaccine Friendly/Alternative Schedule 


Age                    Recommended Shots

Pregnancy         No Vaccines (No Tdap, No Flu)

Birth                  (No Hep B)

2 months           Hib, DTaP (No Hep B, Rotavirus, IPV)

3 months           Prevnar

4 months           Hib, DTaP (No Rotavirus, IPV)

5 months           Prevnar

6 months           Hib, DTaP (No Hep B, Rotavirus, IPV)

7-9 months       Prevnar

1 year               Hib, Prevnar (No DTap, MMR, Hep A)

18 months        DTaP

2 years            (No Hep A)

3 years            Consider MMR (always give MMR by itself)

4-6 years         DTaP, (consider Varicella by itself, IPV series)

10 years          Tdap (boost every 5-10 years)

11 years          Menveo or Menactra (meningococcal), Varicella

12-14 years     Hep B (3 dose series)

16-18 years     Menveo or Menactra & consider meningococcal B, Hepatitis A


You can learn more about the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended Vaccine Schedule here.


How We Support You multicolored flower - acne rosacea Oak Brook, IL

As a vaccine friendly provider in Oak Brook, we are not here to push you to choose one way or the other when it comes to what is best for your child. We are also not going to push vaccinations or a certain vaccination schedule on you. 

At Vitality Family Health, we don’t think that vaccinations should cause any hostility between you and your family doctor. We believe that our job is to educate you and support you in whatever decision you choose to make for your family. Whether this means following a conventional vaccination schedule, a vaccine friendly alternative schedule, or foregoing vaccinations altogether, we are here for you. 

Through education and empowerment, we will help you to decide which vaccination schedule makes the most sense for you and your child without leaving you second-guessing your decision. 

Please reach out to our integrative practice in Oak Brook, IL, if you have any questions concerning our vaccination policies or would like more information about designing a vaccine schedule for your child. As your child’s parent, you know best, we are simply here to support you in any way that we can.